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Live Edge Slabs

Our live edge slab inventory can be used in a variety of rustic projects, both large & small.  Small slabs are not shown in our online inventory.  They can be seen and purchased by visiting our store.  We have an online inventory of large slabs for making bar tops, tables, desks etc. You can see that inventory and order by clicking HERE.  Note that our large slabs are not able to be shipped easily, so no shipping option is available when purchasing. 

Small Slabs

We have smaller pieces that can be used for taxidermy, art or craft projects, small furniture etc.  These pieces come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  Most are about 1" thick rough sawn, but some are as thick as 2".  There lengths could be anywhere from 12" - 96".  Our store inventory normally has between 50 - 100 pieces on display & available for purchase.  Below are some pictures of what these pieces might look like.  These pieces are not in current inventory, but will give you an idea of the variety that is available.

You will notice that some pieces have the bark still on the live edge, while other just show the natural edge of the wood with no bark.  We cannot control when the bark stays on & in many cases a slab might have some bark on & some bark off.  We also cannot guarantee that the bark will not fall off a piece that has the bark on when you purchase it.

Below are some pictures of projects and applications that small slabs can be used for.

Large Slabs


This product line is mostly 2" thick rough sawn with widths from 10" - 36" or more, and typical lengths between 5' & 12'.  All of our inventory is kiln dried for maximum stability, but it is not unusual for pieces to have some knots, splits or twist in them.  Some of the knots, cracks & splits will add to the rustic character of your project.  The pictures below show some bar tops, which are a common use.

Here is a desk using live edge slabs for both the top and the base.

Bookmatch Sets

A big challenge is to produce pieces that are wide enough to make the projects that our customers are looking for.  We do get some logs large enough to make slabs as wide as 36" or more, but another approach that sometimes works is to glue together multiple slabs.  If 2 slabs that are consecutive cuts off a log are glued together, they will create a bookmatched pattern of repeating grain.  Here is what a bookmatched set looks like.

And here is an example of a table made from a bookmatched set.

We look forward to helping you find the right slab for your project.  Our inventory changes regularly based on what is getting sawed and dried.  If you need a size, or species different than what is curently available, let us know.  If you have some time before your project needs to be completed, we can watch our upcoming inventory, and let you know when we have something that might work for you.

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