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Carving Blocks:

The best Basswood and Butternut trees are sawn into carving stock.  Most of our inventory is in 4" thick blocks, but we also sometimes get 3" or 2". All blocks are cut to avoid pith (the center of the tree) which makes them more stable. Since these woods are easily kiln dried, our blocks are ready for immediate use. Other species are occasionally available (Catalpa, Poplar, etc.)

Pricing of carving blocks is by the cubic inch of material.

Prices effective 1/1/2024

Per BF
Per Cu In

Sample Basswood Block:

4" x 6" x 24" = 576 cubic inches

Cubic Inches x Rate/Cubic Inch = Piece Price

576       @        $0.051                     $29.36

Note: For carving blocks over 3' long, add 50%

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