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Whether you turn bowls, small vessels, pens or spindles, we have a variety of stock that can be used on your lathe. This material can be broken down into separate categories as shown below:


The growth called a burl that sometimes appears on the side of a tree is usually a result of the tree trying to overcome an injury or disease. The grains and colors inside these burls can often be quite beautiful. We keep these burls separate when logging for our normal sawmill production, and offer them for sale as turning stock. The size can vary quite a bit, and sometimes we sell them just as a rough burl, while other times we will cut them up and wax them into turning blank sizes. The supply of this material is quite erratic, depending on what is found during the logging operation. We have seen burls in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak and Birch.


We continue to expand our stock of imported turning blanks. Again, this material is coated in wax to minimize cracking and it is available in a variety of species and sizes. Fancy grains and striking color are quite common in imported species like:

Bocote - Bubinga - Canarywood - Cocobolo - East Indian Rosewood - Ebony - Jobillo - Lignum Vitae (Argentine) - Leopardwood - Marblewood - Padauk - Purpleheart - Redheart - Wenge - Yellowheart - Zebrawood - Ziricote


Turning stock from kiln dried material is available in both domestic and imported woods. We get everything from 3/4" x 3/4" x 6" long pen blanks, up to 40" long table leg stock or 10" x 10" bowl blanks. We often have some ideal practice stock like 3" x 3" x 6" Cherry & Hard Maple squares at a great price.

In domestic woods this stock is often made from material produced on our mill for lumber and mantel production. It may be in Ash, Cherry, Maple or Walnut. Imported kiln dried turning blocks can also sometimes be found in Mahogany, Padauk, East Indian Rosewood or Zebrawood.

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