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We manufacture some of our inventory with our own sawmill & dry kilns.  We have found over the years that not every species, thickness and grade is efficiently produced with our own equipment, so we also bring in lumber from other manufacturers that meet our quality standards.


For cabinet and furniture construction, we have  a variety of woods available in different grades, thickness, and species.  Our lumber is graded according to National Hardwood Lumber Association rules, and has been kiln dried to approximately 8% - 10% moisture content.  The grading function is performed after the kiln drying process.  This means that any degrade (cracks, warp, etc.) which might occur during drying will be considered in determining the grade.  We measure lumber by "net scale".  This means that you do not pay for any shrinkage that occurs during drying.  You get what you pay for.

 Our stores stock lumber in the following grades:

  1. S&B    (Select and better)

  2. #1C and Shorts   (#1 Common)

  3. Rustic 

The majority of our inventory is S&B.  This grade is mainly used in furniture and cabinet manufacturing.  It offers the largest amount of clear lumber in a board.  #1C may be a better value if a project is using pieces that are shorter than 3' or narrower than 3".  We also price Shorts the same as #1C.  These are boards that are between 1' and 4' in length.  The Rustic grade are boards that have knots & character marks which show the natural look of the wood, but are sound boards.  For more information on lumber grades see the "Sawing, Grading, Drying" link under the "Kiln Dried Lumber" tab.

One inch thick rough sawn kiln dried boards are available in almost every species of lumber we offer.  In some species we also stock material as thin as 3/8", and as thick as 3".  Pricing of our most common species, grades and thicknesses is located in the "Lumber Pricing" link at the top right of the page.  The price sheet is arranged alphabetically and includes both domestic & imported species.  If you have a specific need not shown in the price list, call ahead to check on availability and pricing.  Our objective is to produce a quality product at a competitive price. While our inventory does vary, we intend to stock the following Domestic species:

Aromatic Cedar
Red Oak
Soft Maple
Pine (White)
Hard Maple
White Oak


We have a shop area in our store to plane, straight line rip, sand, or resaw.  Click the link "MILL SHOP SERVICES" for more information & pricing.

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